One of the aspects to be discussed in advance with our clients are fees,

Our fees consist of the following:

  • professional fees
  • administrative expenses and disbursements

As regards our professional fees, our charge-out rate falls within € 200,00 and € 350,00 per hour. Depending on the nature and complexity of the case different fee levels can be discussed. Any change of our rates will be made only after prior consultation with the client.

Our administrative expenses are as follows:

  • opening of a case : € 100,00.
  • Correspondence and word processing: € 15,00 per page;
  • fax transmissions, copies: € 0.25 per page;
  • travel expenses: € 2,00 per kilometre;
  • E-mail: € 1,50 for each received and outgoing message;
  • external phone calls: € 2,50

Time spent on each case is recorded by way of time sheets. Copies of which showing our time on a hourly basis are available upon request.